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Promote Your Package

Why promote your


at TravelB2BHub?

Promoting your Package on TravelB2BHub helps you:

1. Directly sell your Package without paying us any commission: Other Companies will be able to shortlist your featured Packages based on their requirements, and directly call you on your number to buy your services.

2. Increase your reach: Increase your business by connecting with new Travel Companies/ Event Planners to build lasting relationships.

3. Analyze your promotion’s performance: On your personal profile, you will be able to see how your promotion is performing, and the number/ type of people responding to your promotion initiative.

4. Pay nominal price: Do all of the above at a small fraction of the cost of attending Travel and Tourism Fairs, doing SEO/SMO or using sales reps.

How it Works?

You will be required to fill a short form with your Package’s details, contact information, price, and Banner photograph that you want to share during the promotion. The Package’s banner photo and details will be featured on the TravelB2BHub profiles of ALL the Travel Companies from cities across India for a time period chosen by you.

In order to provide transparency in what the promoter will get for their investment, you will be able to see the count of Travel Companies and Event Planners Liking or Viewing the promotion, in the Reports section of their profile.

Getting Started?