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FAQ Event Planner

Do I really pay NO COMMISSION to TravelB2BHub for connecting me to Sellers?

Yes, TravelB2BHub does not charge any commission despite the value of the transaction.

Does this portal/App have an inventory management system (API based) that provides leads of Travel Packages, Hotel Rooms, or Transportation Services to Event Planners?

No, TravelB2BHub serves as a B2B network that directly connects Event Planners with suppliers (Travel Companies, DMCs, Tour Operators, or Hoteliers) based on the destination of the requirement. It allows added flexibility in negotiating deals, and in reaching locations where users didn’t have contacts. It speeds up the process of searching and negotiating deals by providing an organized step-by-step process to users.

What is the region of operation of this portal/App?

TravelB2BHub is an ALL INDIA Network designed to directly connect Event Planners with TRAVEL COMPANY (DMCs, TOUR OPERATORS etc.), and Hoteliers.

What are the steps taken to ensure that the businesses listed on TravelB2Bhub are bona fide businesses?

Each user with a profile on TravelB2BHub is required to provide their Company PAN Card details, Photographs of their office/ Hotel, Shop Act/ Registration, and Certificates. Users can view the percentage completeness of each other’s profile to assess the veracity of the other party. After existing on the portal/App for some time, each user will have a transaction history, rating and reviews which will be visible to other users.

Do I get charged if no one responds to my request?

No, you will not be charged if you close your request before any response is received on it.

I own an Event Planning company, do I need to create multiple Usernames for my employees?

TravelB2BHub provides you the flexibility to allow all your employees to login to the portal/App using a single Username. However, you can create multiple accounts if you like.

What if I use up my quota of requests and want to place more requests?

You may simply purchase more by renewing your membership.

Does TravelB2BHub provide services of transferring funds between the parties connecting on the website/App to buy and sell services?

No, this platform is strictly to connect businesses interested in buying and selling services related to the tourism industry. Financial transactions are the responsibility of parties involved and must be carried out using their own money transfer methods.

What if someone doesn’t uphold the terms of negotiations that he agreed on?

We have a Reviewing/ Rating functionality available for you to rate the quality of your interaction with the other party that will be visible to all the users. Also, you may Block a user if the interaction is below normal business expectations. TravelB2BHub will monitor all the Blocked users and remove any repeat offenders from the website. Credibility is the key to long term business relations and we hope that businesses listed on this website will uphold that expectation.