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About Us is a registered product of Durja Travel Network Pvt. Ltd. , a Company founded in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. We have come together to make the Tourism business evolve and serve its clients better, by connecting Travel Companies, Hoteliers, and Event Planners to buy and sell services to each other, while paying no commission to us.




The idea of creating this online network came to us when a Travel Company friend complained about not being able to provide high quality service to his clients, where he didn’t have contacts. He complained how he would have to rely on disorganized and time consuming google searches, and WhatsApp groups to reach out to others to organize Travel Packages, Hotel Rooms, and Transportation, and sometimes fail.

We have created an integrated tourism trading network where Travel Companies and Event Planners can connect directly with other Travel Companies, Hoteliers, and Event Planners to sell more, and do it faster, while paying NO COMMISSION to us, regardless of the value of the sale. In addition, this network will reduce the marketing efforts of Hoteliers, by directly connecting them with Travel Companies and Event Planners.

We are committed to make this network more efficient and more expansive, while reducing the costs of doing business, so the Hospitality Industry can grow and serve its clients better.